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MAYBACH is the name of German car manufacturer. He founded his car company in 1909.its company produces the luxury cars and sports cars but its sales was little poor in the US.


  Company produced its first car in 1919 after that it had produced many heavy engine vehicles like tanks etc. all the cars names are start with the first word of MAYBACH like that Maybach Exelero, 57 and 62 etc. Let’s talk about some more products.

Maybach exelero
 interior design

Maybach Exelero

  it was a best performance , 2-door sports car that was produced in 2005. It has V12 twin turbo engine. Its length was 245.3 in and width was 83.5 in.

Maybach 57 and 62

After the restoration of Company by “Daimler Chrysler AG” they were its first productions. They are Full-size luxury cars and have nearly combine features in them. They have pure leather wrapped steering wheel, DVD system, FM radio system, cabin temperature control system, different safety system, well balancing seats, LCD TV screens systems, DVD and TV players and keyless start system. Besides that they have more system with help of them you can totally enjoy your travel in these cars. In Maybach 62 there are many other luxuries cars same that Maybach 62S Zeppelin,  62 Landaulet, Brabus Maybach 57and 62 S. Most of the popular celebrities of Hollywood music use these cars in their video albums for example Britney Spears, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Birdman and Jaden Smith.57 Model price was $ 341,750 in early of the year 2008 and Model 62 was $ 392,750 in these cars.

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