Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mazda RX-8 New Sports Car

Her beautiful base hit Mazda RX-8 is an old example that shows how a combined electrical output of antiques and posture makes the appearance of this may be the best. The car was introduced in 2004 is 2,616 units of electrical energy for motor vehicles closed circuit have a beautiful look, along with long-lasting energy. Your vehicle also offers luxury and one of its remarkable features is definitely the attribute of the electronic distribution of braking beautiful that also has the benefit and comfort. Its 15.9-gallon fuel tank ensures that the execution of hatchback is the best, while the use of 177 kW regard. Their new sports hatch also got the compressor electrical power and several flyers ABS. This ensures safe braking offered her.

Mazda RX-8 Fantastic car

 Mazda RX8 2014 Model
The sporty style rotary this generation will be based on the Shinari concept vehicle that was shown last summer in Italy. Therefore, the production version will have a more elegant than the current RX-8 appearance, prompting rumors that Mazda is thinking of calling the RX-9 to differentiate the current car, which has not proven to be very popular. Wait flagship sports car Mazda to make its debut sometime in 2014.

 Mazda RX-8 Modified
Mazda RX-8 Interior View

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