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Car Insurance Isn't important Just Run the Car Safely !!

Unless you know a victim, you rarely hear about the thousands of people who don’t have Auto Insurance or whose insurance company lets them down with inadequate protection when they need it most.
They may be financially ruined for life. Some of them are right here -- in Washington State. They were driving on I-5, I-405, Hwy 99 or a back road anywhere in the state. Most of them thought it would never happen to them, but it did.
Did You Know? If you are involved in an auto accident without coverage, or even without enough coverage, the State has the authority to garnish your wages? That's right. And, guess how much they can take. Folks down in Olympia can reach into your pocket, take out your wallet and garnish up to 40% of your gross income. Ouch!
Before you buy your car, you need to be aware that an insurance policy is your protection against untoward incidents such as collision or even theft. In New Zealand, it is not a mandatory requirement for drivers or car owners to buy policy coverage.
However, vehicular accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. For this reason, it is wise to at least have third party insurance for your vehicle. Vehicular accidents can be very costly, especially if you have collided with another vehicle and damaged it. To avoid huge inconvenience and expense, it is highly recommended that you insure your car.
Your policy costs and coverage are determined by several factors such as the type of car, your driving record, your age, occupation and your financial situation. But before you buy cover for your vehicle, you must first understand the options and your responsibilities.
Even if vehicle cover is optional in New Zealand, it does not mean that you should not arrange an adequate policy. In fact, it is ideal that you get a full coverage so that you will have better protection in the event of any car accident. Here are some guidelines that you can consider, to identify your car insurance needs.

Koenigsegg CCX Back in Action Super Sport Coupe Car

Koenigsegg CCX is the name of one of the cars that include role in the sports car category. This vehicle was manufactured in the year 2006. into the sports car market, of course, the car is designed with a very cool. and also we do not need to doubt about the speeds that will be produced. manufactured car company Koenigsegg, made with fantastic abilities, and the desired focus for the global market. vehicle production period runs until the year 2010. So, for you who want it you will not be able to find the newest products. but we need not have worried, as for the production of this car has been forwarded by the presence of the latest version of the Koenigsegg Agera. CCX itself is the successor of the previous version known as the Koenigsegg CCR. This car is also a draft of the designer Sven-Harry Ã…kesson

Koenigsegg CCX


view of the physical form, the car is made ​​with set diffusers, spoilers, and vortex generators, in some parts outside. although it is the successor of the previous generation, the CCX has been developed in terms of shape, it shal we can see from the form of a redesigned door. also equipped with a front bumper shape that also redesigned. also offers a degree in brake cooling, fog lights, U.S. position, the air intake on the bonnet which are functioned as a booster in the air. and also increase air flow through the air intake is made in any part of the back of the front wheels.

Specification and details

for more details CCX, has a body size with a length of 4293 mm atai dekoitar 169.0 in, Width 1996 mm or 78.6 in, and Height 1120 mm or 44.1-in. to measure Wheelbase 2660 mm or about 104.7 in. This car has an empty weight of 1280 kg (2822 pounds). comes with several engines like 4.7 L V8 (twin s / c petrol / ethanol) and 4.8 L V8 (twin s / c petrol / ethanol) with two kinds of transmission that can be generated is a 6-speed manual and 6-speed automated manual. included in the category of the type of car Super Sport Coupe at stake at a price of $ 540,000.00. also equipped with Displacement: 4700 cc, 806 HP Horsepower, Torque 693 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm Max RPM 7000 RPM. can produce a maximum speed of up to 245 mph (395 km / h).

Koenigsegg CCX Interior view

Gumpert Apollo Top Sports Car

city cars, sports cars, race cars, is part of the name of the type of car that is in the world. there are dozens of species that is also fairly popular car users. talking about the kind of car there is one type of car that is quite unique to be listened to, that is the motto of sport. one of its products is the Gumpert Apollo. city cars, sports cars, race cars, is part of the name of the type of car that is in the world. There are dozens of species that is also fairly popular car users. talking about the kind of car there is one type of car that is quite unique to be listened to, that is the motto of sport. one of its products is the Gumpert Apollo. This type is still considered the sports car, but the difference is the shape of the body and the engine provided more mixing elements of a racing car. Certainly in terms of speed, type of vehicle does not need to be in doubt. Gumpert Apollo is one of the names adalh cars manufactured from the company Gumpert Sport wagenmanufaktur GmbH.
Gumpert Apollo

The Design Forms and Specification

certainly has a body that all the cool sports car is an absolute thing. no exception to that of Gumpert Apollo. the size of these vehicles have Wheelbase 2700 mm (106.3 in), to 4460 mm in length, or about 175.6 in, Width 1998 mm or 78.7 in, Height 1114 mm or 43.9-in. for Curb weight 1100 kg atai reach about 2,400 lb to 1,200 kg (2,600 lb). Seen from the exterior design, Apollo designed by modification of the mixing of race cars, combined with a sports car, can be seen as offered on rear-wheel two-seater in pairs and are made with tabulator chromoly frame and combined with fiberglass or optional carbon fiber body panels. for carbon fiber is also found in most of the body of the car. Section machines, also has mounted 4.2 L (260 cu in) twin-turbocharged V8 with 6-speed sequential transmission Guide. not only that, a car designed by Roland Gumpert and Roland Mayer also offers 3 engine is quite amazing, covering Basic version is capable of producing around 650 PS (478 kW; 641 bhp) for the Sport version with a yield of about 700 PS (515 kW; 690 bhp) and the last version of the Race to the results of around 800 PS (588 kW; 789 bhp).

Gumpert Apollo

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