Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2011 ford taurus review

Ford is an automibile company that produces the different types and sized cars. It is American automobile company. Its one great invention is a “Ford Taurus”. Here we shall provide you some information about it. 

Ford Taurus Review:-
It is a four door, four seats, mid size engine and full sized tourist car. It was made in 1985 and was appeared in 1986.when it was invented in that time it was a back wheel drive car but now it has four wheel drive. Through the passes of the time where other things have changing in it same that the Ford Taurus had many changing in its exterior and interior and its developing of its interior, exterior and in its technology is cautious. Ford Taurus will launch a new model in 2013  that will appear in the New York Motor Car Show. It is totally different and unique from its previous designs and technology. It is also different in its exterior and interior. It has small engine but has more horsepower, large trunk and has a comfortable cabin. Its seats and roof has power of sun heat. They provide you warmth feeling in winter and cooling in summer. The ford new model has great technology system in it for example great security system, enjoyment system, adjustable Pedals,, comfortable and well balancing seat and steering wheel, most powerful lights and best efficiency vipers and more other systems. Due to its best performance , best design, and affordable price as a family luxury car it is very popular in all over the world and specially America. In 2011 it has its 63,526 sales in America and in 2012.you know Ford Taurus have two awards in 2012 for its two bases. First award was “The best affordable car “and second award was “The best full size family luxury car”.it’s price is $25,555 to$38,155 in the present year 2012.
 Ford Taurus
 Ford Taurus 2012

2011 ford taurus2011 ford taurus

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