Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lamborghini Gallardo Fast Sports Car

“Lamborghini” is an Italian vehicle company that produces the fastest luxury sports cars. In these cars any car is different due to its design, exterior, interior and technology to the other for example some cars have long bonnet and short tail, some have mid engine, some front engine, some are 2 doors, some have wing style doors and some are two seated and more than styles. It has many models its fastest cars range. It achieved many awards of the years due to its best design and performance. Here we shall talk about its one Model Lamborghini Gallardo.
Lamborghini Gallardo:-it is a superb and fast sports car. It is appeared in is a 2 door and 2 seated sport car. It engine is mid and it has rear wheel and all wheel drive cars in its range. Its maximum length is 4,386mm and width is 1,900 mm. it has its 5.2-litre V10 engine that cover the 325 km distance at per hour. Gallardo has many changing’s in its design and technology from its first generation to its present Model for example Gallardo Spyder, Gallardo Superleggera, SE, Nera, LP 550-2, LP 560-4, Bicolore, LP 550-2 Super Trofeo, LP 550-2 Tricolore, LP 560-4 Noctis and Gallardo Bianco Rosso.
Gallardo Spyder:-it is fast car of Gallardo collection and was appeared in the year2006 in Los Angeles Auto Show.
Gallardo Superleggera:-it is very light weight car only 100kg and was presented in the 2007 Geneva Auto Show.
Gallardo SE: - it is super fast car that is introduces in has just two seats for drivers and has black roof. Its seats are wrapped with the matched color leather of its body.
Nera:- it is a special edition of fast car of the Gallardo and is presented in Paris Motor Show. It is very special in its exterior and it’s interior.

 Lamborghini Gallardo Wallpaper

 Lamborghini Gallardo

 Lamborghini Gallardo top class car

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