Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mclaren F1 World Fastest Sport Car

MclarenMcLaren is a British working team, that works on Formula One and constructs the fast racing cars .it is the second large team of working on Formula One after the Ferrari.

McLaren F1 is the world fastest sport car produced in is a mid engine, rear wheel drive, 2 door and 3 seated car. It has 6.1L V12 engine and its 390.99 km per hour fastest speed, due to its this fastest speed the car set a world record for itself in 1998 when it traveled the 390.99km per hour instead its limited area 372 km at per hour. Car’s maximum length is 4,287 mm and width is 1,820 mm. It is a great invention in high performance cars because of its very low weight and very fast and high performance. Carbon fiber, plastic, titanium, gold, magnesium and Kevlar are the items which are use in the car making. It is the first most expensive fast sport car in which Carbon Fiber is used. It has three seats due to this reason the driver's seat is kept in the middle and back of fuel tank and has the two butterfly wing doors. It has many fantastic interior systems in it for example it has electric open and close window system, 10 disc CD player, fog and normal head lights and tail lights and air conditioning cabin. Its price is 1760000$ maximally. The car has some new models in its range like McLaren F1 LM and F1 GT etc.

McLaren F1 LM

it is a 2 door, 3 seated; mid engine and rear wheel drive fast sport car that is presented in 1995.It has 6 speed manual transmission ,6.1L V12 engine and 680 horse power with its maximum fast speed is 362km at per hour. Car’s total length is 4365 mm and width is 1820 mm.

Mclarenbest maclaren f1
Mclaren Mclaren F1 wallpaper
MclarenMclaren F1 great car

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