Friday, May 20, 2011

2012 mercedes s class available in four different bodies

Mercedes S Class is a four door ,four seats and full size luxury car. It is appeared in 1954.its first model that was introduced in 1954 was "Ponton" and after that it make more changing in itself through the passes of the time. The modern addition of this car was appeared in 2005 on the Christmas occasion and it was only 20 special edition ofS600 cars. In that time their prices were $145,000 per car .it has many models in its S class .W116, W126, W140, W220, W221 and W222 are added in its S class. It is a luxury and awarded car from all over the world. There are some cars of Mercedes S Class category that are driver-less. They have robot system for driving in it. It is also bullet proof luxury cars. In which F700 is one. These cars have many unique and un believable system in them .they have also many security systems in them like avoid from accident system, conflict protection system, best breaking and stopping system and electronic driver control system that control the driver when road is difficult. It has air bag system with its door for side accident effect. Its seats are made with pure leather, are comfortable and have easily balancing system. They are unique in their colors and in their formation. The colors of the seats are matched with the dash board color, steering wheel, music audio player and with its some instruments. Some of seats colors are in contrast like yellow and black, grey and cream color and other more contrasts that give fully elegant looking to its customers, passengers and its drivers mean it is made with totally luxury items. In present year 2012 its price is $139,300 to $94,500 and According to one estimate it will increase in the year 2013 in $140,000 to $95,000.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Automobile Lamborghini Dealers Italian automaker

lamborghini gallardo superleggeraLAMBORGHINI is the name of Italian automobile vehicle company that design, deals and produce the sports cars, two seated cars, luxury cars, mid engine cars, four door and two door cars. The company gives a brand identity” Lamborghini “of all its cars which is the name of its manufacturer. It present a large variety of its models for us let’s talk about of some.

Lamborghini Miura:-it is a sport car that is appeared in is a two doors, rear wheel drive and rear mid engine car. Its engine is 3929 cc V12.its length is 4,260 mm and its width is 1,760 mm.

Lamborghini Flying Star II:-it is a concept car which has two seats .the cabin has very low space .only two people can travel in it. It has V12 engine.

Lamborghini image Lamborghini 400 GT Interim Monza:-it was a 2+2 sport car .its engine was 3.9L V12.on the time of its auction it price was 160,000 in UK.

Lamborghini Jalpa:-it was a two seated sport car that was produced between 1981 to was a rear wheel drive and mid engine car. Its engine was 3.5 L V8.

Lamborghini Estoque:-it is full sized, luxury and concept car. It has two seats, four doors, , and front engine. In these cars some cars are rear wheel drive and some are all wheel drive. Its engine is 5.2 L V10.

Lamborghini Diablo:-it is a high performance, two seated and two doors sports car. It is produced in 2001.its engine is 6.0 L V12 which covers the 325 km per hour distance and its length is 4,460 mm.

Lamborghini Gallardo:- it is a two seated, two door, mid engine , rear wheel driving sports car. Its engine is 5.0 L V10. It has a maximum 520 horse power.

Lamborghini Concept S:- it is a concept design car with the 500 PS horse power and mid engine 5 liter V10,which cover the 325 km distance at per hour. It is a two door and two seated car. It is produced in 2009.

Lamborghini Aventador:- it is great invention of is a two seated ,two door ,mid engine sports car. Its engine is 6.5 L L539 V12 and top speed is 354 km per hour.its price is $387,000.
Lamborghini SUVlamborghini gallardoLamborghini
Lamborghini Murcielago
Lamborghini Wallpaper
lamborghini embolado superleggera

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