Thursday, November 8, 2012

Honda Civic Si Interior desing looks very nice

Honda is a Japanese automobile company that is famous for its production of vehicles and motorcycles in all over the world. In this time Honda is the fourth largest automobile manufacturer company in the United States. Company made different models in its variety range. There are some luxury cars, some compact cars, some grand toured cars, some sport cars and some concept cars but here we shall about its one model that name is Honda Civic. It was produced in 1972 .in that time it was a two-door model car and its engine was 1169 cc. It was front wheel car and had low space in its cabin. When it was produced it had just some features in its but through the passes of the time it had many changing’s in exterior design and its interior. It was had a just heater, simple foam seats they were wrapped with simple plastic cover and in enjoyment it had only an AM radio. In this time it is totally change of that’s model .Now it has many modern and amazing features in itself. And have many models too in civic range. Here we provide you some information about the modern Honda Civic Si Interior.

Honda Civic Si Interior

it has sunroof and very comfortable and well balancing seats. There are three safety belts with its seats. Its seats are made with precious wood and foam wrapped with pure leather. It has also seven speaker audio system with the CD changer and has also AM radio system. Its door has air bags for the side effect safety. Its steering wheel is very comfortable for the turning and wrapped with the leather sheet. It has a cabin temperature system for summer and winter mean AC and heater both. It has two lights system for the day and night that provide you more power light.
Honda Civic Si Interior

Honda Civic Si Interior
 Honda Civic Si Interior

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