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Honda Civic Hatchback

 Honda Civic is a subcompact car that is produced in 1973 in two door models, three door hatchbacks and five door hatch backs. It is a front wheel drive car and has 1169 cc engine. When it was launched it had some features like heater. Foam cushioned bucket seats covered with plastic sheets, AM and FM radio, two speed wipers and painted steel rims but modern civics has many features in them. They have very fantastic interior and exterior systems in them for example they have good performance and speed for sport, best cabin temperature system mean air conditioner and heater, leather covered seats, power windows, much space in cabin for passengers , best CD changer ,best sound system and also available in 4 door and five door hatch backs. Honda civic has many models in its range same that Civic Hybrid, Civic GX, Type R, GTI, VTI and Vi-Rs. Honda Civic HatchbackHonda Civic Hatchback
 White color combination

 Honda Civic Hatchback fantastic yellow and green car

Honda Civic Hatchback
Honda Civic Hatchback

Honda Civic Hybrid

  it is 4 door sedans and 5 door hatchback Compact cars that are presented in is a front engine and front-wheel drive car. Civic GX it is a 4 door sedan sub compact car that is presented in is run on the CNG.

Honda Civic Type R

 it is a highest performance Sport compact car with its two body styles 3door hatchback and 4 door sedans that is produced in 1997.

Honda Civic GTI

 it is a super fast 3 door hatchback compact sport car that is produced in has D16A7 engine and is available in full leather covered interior.

Honda Civic VTI

 it has D15B 3 stage VTEC and D16Y5 engines and also available in three, four and five hatch backs.

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