Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari: it is an Italian automobile sports cars manufacturer company. It produces the large quantity of sports cars and now also road cars. Ferrari made its first model with name of “Enzo Ferrari”. Ferrari always is participated in the sports. Its first sport competition model was the AAC 815 that was produced in in this time It has many models in its sports and its road cars here we mention some models of Ferrari and shall talk about them. Ferrari 458 Italia , FXX ,Grand toured, Convertible, V8 engine, Bio-fuel and hybrid model, 166 S, Concept cars,  Millechili ,  Mythos, 512 S Modulo,  F10 and Ferrari 750 Monza.

Ferrari 458 Italia

it is mid engine fast sport car that is produced in 2009 and appeared in 2010. It is rear wheel drive and has 4.5 L v8 engine. It is two seated . Its top speed is over 325 km per hour.

  Interior best design 

 Ferrari 458 Italia

Some other Ferrari Model Name and Specification

  FXX: - it is high performance sports car. It has 6.3 L V12 engine. It is two seated car and it was produced in 2005 but was appeared in 2007.

  512:- it is a sport car that is produced in has V12 engine.

Formula One::- it a most fast sport car .it is a one seated car and has power of speed 350 km per hour.

 166 S: - it is a sport car and it is produced in 1948 .it had a spider body style. Its engine is 2.0L Colombo V12.

 Mythos:-it is a two door, mid engine, rear wheel driving and wedge shape . Its is 4.9 Flat-12 and is produced in 1989.

  512 S Modulo:-it is a concept model that was produced in 1970. Its engine is v12, it height is 935 mm, its width is 2040 mm and its length is 4480 mm.

 Millechili:-is a lightweight sports car. It has a V10 engine and 600horse is produced in 2010.

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