Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lamborghini Reventon Wallpapers

Among the many needs of our secondary, to go through this life, we are definitely in dire need of the presence of a vehicle to travel to a someplace. Speaking about the vehicle, there are a number of vehicles that are designed to speed quickly, with unique and interesting shapes that can be our choice to have an expensive vehicle. Ground vehicles that will be discussed this time is Lamborghini reventon.

 Lamborghini as a company producing and developing a variety of sports cars, creating a car that is included in the new generation super car. It is only produced as many as 20 pieces that are designed with fantastic shape dark gray on each side. In addition to its elegant look and luxurious, this time with the special features of Lamborghini design forms the front made oblique, to improve air and easily absorbed into cooled in it, but it is also designed reventon brake discs made ​of carbon, and useful to increase the speed.

 In addition, the reventon is also designed with a 2-door coupe, and inside you'll find a layout with Mid-engine and four-wheel drive. Seen from the shape, this vehicle has a shape like the fastest plane in the world. It is also designed premises engine 6.5 L (400 cu in) V12 engine using LP 670-4, which is also supported by transmission 6-speed e-gear transmission and a 6-speed manual.power generated from this Reventon , is around 650hp, coupled with a top speed of 205 mph Traffic within 6.5 seconds as the maximum speed.

 One of the most expensive car in the world, with a length of 4700 mm ,width of 2058 mm, height 1135 mm, and has a wheelbase about 2665 mm. With this size, it has the power reventon reliable structure with layers of carbon fiber components.

Almost all parts of the vehicle, is made of carbon fiber and Alcantara, except for the roof section and external door panels of coated steel material. Lamborghini reventon also provide Hydraulic shock absorbers and coaxial coil springs, 4-wheel independent articulated quadrilateral system, and anti-roll, anti-dive and anti- squat bar.

 In addition to speed, and luxury that we get, it is also equipped with seven light-emitting diode (LED) that is designed on each side of the bi- Xenon headlamp beam.
lamborghini reventon wallpaperzlamborghini reventon wallpaper

lamborghini reventon wallpaperzlamborghini reventon view

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