Thursday, January 17, 2013

Renault Clio Supermini Car

Renault clio is a name of a small car manufactured by a company named Renault that are in French. It can be categorized as a family car with its small and looks quite comfortable to use. Renault itself, when seen from the history has produced its first Model in 1990 and to date, precisely in 2012 ago, renault has produced four generations for the Clio series. Renault itself is quite well known in Europe and Asia, particularly Japan. for renault already has a partnership with the Japanese company Honda, the two companies has produced a car with the name Clio honda. Since its launch clio has attracted much attention of car users in various countries, it is not surprising that car sales can be very satisfying. from the four generations that have been released, of course, been many changes for the better to bring the vehicle more comfortable and better. but we can see that the renault trying to maintain the same form in the fourth generation.

Exterior Design

It has a form that has a future as a sedan, but the rear is not equipped with a Luggage storage length, was made only rounded. This form of the name may be known as the hatchback. the development of the times, It is also has a lot of progress in the form and usnsur the outside, if we compare it with less previous generation, the 2012 version looks more solid, smooth, and has a rounded impression on several sides. Rounded impression of the inside of the vehicle makes it look more spacious. the designers of this car seems to provide enough space inside the vehicle, and therefore they do not add a lot of ornaments or other forms. for a moment makes this vehicle looks simple but comfortable to use.

Renault Specifications

Renault Clio also has another name, namely Renault Lutecia (Japan), this clio has a long body size of 4.062 mm (159.9 in) for the hatchback and 4.262 mm (167.8 in) for the estate. width is 1.732 mm (68.2 in) and height 1.448 mm (57.0 in). For castor wheel, or wheelbase, designed with 2.589 mm (101.9 in), clio also has an empty weight of 980 to 1.071 kg (2.200 to 2.360 lb). For the engine, inside the clio has been equipped with a 1.2-liter 16 valve turbocharged straight-4 and 0.9-liter 12 valve straight-3. as a city car, it produces enough fast performance. both version of this engine has a CO2 emission level of 83 g / km.

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